What's New in Expo SDK 50

April 14, 2024·2 min read
by Anthony Coffey

Expo SDK 50 introduces significant updates and new features, enhancing the Expo development experience. Below is a summary of the key updates with essential details to guide you through the changes in this release.

Major Updates and Features

React Native 0.73 Update

Expo Router v3 Enhancements

  • Expo Router v3: Major upgrades include API routes, better navigation with router.navigate, bundle splitting on web, and enhanced TypeScript support.

Changes to Expo Go

  • Expo Go Support: SDK 50 supports only its release version in Expo Go. Older SDKs need separate installations.

SQLite Library Rewrite

  • expo-sqlite/next: A comprehensive rewrite to support synchronous and asynchronous methods, prepared statements, and blob data types.

New Modules and Updates

  • Expo Secure Store: Synchronous getItem and setItem, with unified behavior across platforms.
  • Expo Camera Next: Aligns with native platform best practices.
  • Expo Font: Fonts can now be bundled natively, reducing asynchronous loading needs.
  • EAS Updates: Rollback features and gradual rollout capabilities to minimize update risks.

Development and Debugging Enhancements

  • Expo Dev Tools Plugins: New browser-based plugins for debugging and library interaction.
  • @expo/fingerprint: Ensures JavaScript bundle compatibility with specific builds.

Additional Features

  • Support for tvOS and macOS: Basic support for Expo Modules on these platforms.
  • Sentry Integration: Transition to @sentry/react-native for more efficient integration.

For detailed upgrade instructions and a complete list of updates, check the official Expo SDK 50 Changelog. Also, for step-by-step guidance on upgrading and addressing potential issues, refer to the Expo documentation.

I guess it's time for me to go update my Authorize.net package for Expo v50! Check it out here: react-native-expo-authorize-net.